We pride ourselves in taking outstanding care of our customers.

Take your vehicle to any dealership or ASE Certified Repair Facility of your choice. If needed, to protect your vehicle from sustaining additional damage, please call the roadside assistance inside your contract to obtain a tow truck.

  • Allow the Dealer or ASE certified repair facility to diagnose your vehicle.
  • Have the repair facility contact the claims center at a toll-free number that is provided to you on the contract.
  • All work must be pre-authorized in order to be an Approved Claim.
  • The claims center will authorize all covered repairs, less your deductible.
  • Once the repairs are done to your satisfaction, the claims department will pay the repair facility.
  • Refer to your service contract policy for specific details.

If you have any questions regarding your service contract, please contact our Customer Service Department at: 1-800-819-5619

To file a claim or for questions about a claim, please contact your provider below:


Claim Number

Roadside Assistance Number